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1961 Trailster for sale: 1961 Cushman TrailsterI have a 1961 Cushman Trailster, last time licensed was 1987, runs excellent, just taken out of mothballs, fuel system, carb cleaned, all running, lights work, very nice unrestored. I have been looking around and do not see many of this model, I guess it is kind of the on/off road model, very original only missing clutch cover and muffler was replaced. $1500. Located in WA. Contact 360-274-5216.
(posted 11/18/2016)
Cushman Model 53 Airborne for sale: Cushman Model 53 AirborneI believe that this is one of the rarest of the Cushmans there is. It has been in my family for 50 years, and that is what I was told. If I am incorrect please contact me and set me straight. It ran when we put it in our shed 30 years ago it has compression. As you can see it needs to be restored again if I am wrong please let me know. Located in Washington state. Asking Price $3000.00 ph#(425)336-9078
(posted 11/6/2016)
1963 Cushman Silver Eagle for sale: 1963 Silver Eagle. Located in Pennsylvania. Asking Price $5000.00 Contact:
(posted 10/21/2016)
1961 Cushman Silver Eagle for sale: 1961 Cushman with sidecar1961 silver eagle w sidecar. Beautifully restored 1961 silver eagle with sidecar. Brand new truckster engine. Starts and rides great. Restoration and engine modification done aprox 4 years ago by the shriners. $6000. Located in GA. Contact:
(posted 10/18/2016)
1959 Cushman Eagle for sale: 1959 cushman for sale1959 Cushman eagle. $4200. 14 hp. Briggs and Stratton engine, comet clutch. Top ran speed 70-75 mph. Normal cruise speed 45-60 mph. Needs a good home for someone that can still ride 😉 Contact:
(posted 10/4/2016)
1959 Cushman Highlander for sale: 1959 Cushman Highlander for sale redI have a 1959 Cushman highlander for sale. It is in very good condition and has a title. Location is Fremont, MI. Contact:
(posted 8/13/2016)
1959 Cushman Highlander front1959 Cushman Highlander left1959 Cushman Highlander rear
1959 Cushman for sale: 1959 Eagle Meticulously restored by the current owner in 2011. Electric start. 500 miles since the restoration. Asking $5500. 40 miles west of Chicago, in Sugar Grove IL. 630-560-4192 Ask for Dave or 630-558-5297 Ask for Jack.
(posted 7/13/2016)
1959 Cushman Eagle for sale1959 Cushman Eagle engine
1957 Cushman for sale: 1957 red vintage Cushman Eagle for Sale. Excellent working condition with all the extras. $5,000 asking price.
(posted 7/13/2016)
1958 Cushman for sale: 1958 Cushman scooter for sale1958 Cushman Eagle red1958 Cushman Eagle Scooter Completely Restored. Runs Great, Looks Great and Fun to ride. Cushman Eagle’s “big bike” mechanical features included telescopic front forks and a hand-shifted two-speed transmission. Added Feature: Electric Start with Battery. Price $5500.00 or best offer. Contact:
(posted 7/9/2016)
1965 Cushman for sale: 1965 Cushman Eagle for sale1965 Cushman Eagle, 28 hp engine, fully restored, excellent condition. Asking $4500. Contact:
(posted 7/1/2016)
1961 Cushman for sale: 1961 Cushman Highlander for sale. Totally restored. Excellent condition $2500.00 Contact:
(posted 6/14/2016)
1952 Cushman for sale: Fully restored 1952 Cushman Eagle for sale in Southern California. Bike in great condition. Contact:
(posted 6/14/2016)
Cushman collection for sale: I have a large Cushman collection for auction July 9th, 2016 in Indiana. There are 20-30 Cushman scooters, worksters, and 100’s of parts.
(posted 6/11/2016)
Cushman auction red scooterCushman auction blue scooter
Cushman auction silver scooterCushman auction white scooter
1957 Cushman Eagle for Sale: 1957 Cushman Eagle for saleIncredible find, especially in this condition. Has been in my family for 45 years. My father restored it before he passed so it has a very big sentimental value to me so I am not just going to let it go! Look around and see if you find one this nice! You won’t! Brand new Mikuni Carburetor (only because I ride it and it keeps it running!) For those of you who know, it has low and high gears that’s it but it’ll do 45 to 50 on a flat run! EVERYONE looks at this thing going down the road. Licensed to ride in California. Smokes a little and will some day need rings and piston redone…but runs like a champ now. This thing will be 60 years old next year! Selling as is. It is a classic and needs loving care. This bike was my Dad’s cherished possession and he would want someone that would appreciate it as much as he did. I want someone to have it that will…a collector maybe? 1957 Cushman Eagle left sideThis thing is really cool. $6,500.00 OBO…seriously interested buyers only…I don’t just want to show it to people because they want to see it! Remember, I won’t just let this thing go and i don’t NEED to sell it. Just want someone who will appreciate it more than me. People who know about Cushmans will know how rare this is. Whoever gets it will be stoked. Good luck!
(posted 5/22/2016)
1958 Cushman for Sale: Cushman eagle. Restored. Nice condition. Runs excellent. Fresh hone and piston. Professional paint and powder coating. $4500. Some Dennis Carpenter restoration parts but mostly original. 425-359-6047.
(posted 4/23/2016)
1963 Cushman for Sale: 1963 Cushman Highlander for sale1963 Cushman 721 Highlander 8 hp; #155348 – has a current title. Scooter was restored to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Excellent Condition. Red & Charcoal. $3,650 $2650. Contact: 318-372-5001
(posted 3/12/2016)
1960 Cushman for Sale: 1960 Cushman Road King for sale1960 Cushman 725 Road King #098856, Red, White & Charcoal. Won Best of Class at Cushman Meet, Charlotte Motor Speedway, 1986. Restored by Dennis Carpenter. Same excellent condition as when purchased in 2001 when it left the Dennis Carpenter Museum; has a current title. $4,750 $3750. Contact: 318-372-5001
(posted 3/12/2016)
1960 Cushman for Sale: 1960 Cushman scooter for saleVery nice blue step thru model 1960. #072080. Runs very good and in very nice condition. Just over hauled motor, chain and brakes. very little work to restore to perfect. Nice seat and lights work. Only thing needed is carb. has original carb. Contact:
(posted 3/1/2016)
1960 Cushman for Sale: 1960 Cushman scooter for saleCushman Eagle Completely restored with lots of chrome and clean title. No disappointments. $5900. Spokane, WA. Contact: 509-995-1337
(posted 2/2/2016)
1965 Cushman for Sale: 1965 Cushman Super Silver Eagle scooter1965 Cushman Super Silver Eagle. 2 speed electric start. Repainted years ago. Runs fine $8500. 304-216-9946
(posted 1/9/2016)
1957 Cushman Eagle for sale: I have a restored 1957 Cushman Eagle for sale that has new paint, rebuilt engine, and lots of power and class! Asking $4500. Has clear IL title as I have not registered in IN yet. Scooter is located in Seymour IN. Call Brent at 8122164790.
(posted 11/4/2015)
1959 Cushman Eagle for sale: 1959 Cushman Eagle scooter with sidecar1959 Cushman Eagle with sidecar for sale
I have a 1959 Cushman Eagle with side car for sale.Asking $7,000 or best offer.Contact: 11/2/2015)
1959 Cushman with sidecar lights on1959 Cushman with sidecar rearCushman sidecar
1961 Cushman scooter for sale: 1961 Cushman scooter Highlander1961-Cushman-HighlanderCushman Highlander 721 Very clean Highlander. Runs great, everything works. Gonzales, Louisiana 225-313-7111
(posted 10/29/2015)
1946 Cushman scooter for sale: 1946 Cushman for sale blue right1946 Pacemaker Step Through. Excellent condition everything new.
(posted 10/18/2015)
1946 Cushman for sale blue left1946 Cushman for sale blue
1959 Cushman Eagle for Sale: Very nice 1959 Cushman Super Eagle scooter. Bike is in Northwest Ohio. . Many extras -windshield, fiberglass saddlebags, complete restoration with new paint. Contact:
(posted 8/4/2015)
1957 Cushman Eagle for sale: 1957 Cushman Eagle for sale, fully restored several years ago with minimum drive time on it. Contact:
(posted 7/7/2015)
1964 Cushman Eagle for sale: 1964 Cushman Eagle Scooter for sale1964 restored Cushman Eagle for sale. Too hard for me to ride anymore. I hate to see it go, but I hate to see it sit around, let someone else enjoy it. Contact:
(posted 7/7/2015)
1959 Cushman Eagle for sale: 1959 Cushman scooter for sale blueRestored 1959 Eagle. Houston, Texas. $4300. Contact:
Payment terms are Cash or PayPal only. Pickup or shipping is the buyer’s responsibility.
(posted 6/25/2015)
1960 Cushman Eagle for sale: Cushman Eagle Scooter for sale1960 Cushman Eagle, 8hp, completely rebuilt, for sale. Asking $4800.00 Contact:
(posted 6/19/2015)

1958 Cushman Eagle and Road King Scooter A